Developmental Studies Accelerated Learning Program

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Developmental English Accelerated Learning Program

In addition to the developmental English courses that students take, the Developmental Studies department offers a number of accelerated learning and support programs designed to help students be successful in the developmental English program.

Developmental English Intensive Bootcamp (DE-INT)

This workshop is for students who feel confident that they can complete a fast-paced, intense course in order to accelerate through the Developmental sequence and/or place into college-level composition classes. This workshop will challenge students to develop their essays to meet the demands of college-level English. Students will learn how to accurately answer writing prompts by using information from their experience and from the prompt. Students will also discover how to write an excellent introduction paragraph, how to develop “college level” body paragraphs, and how to finish with a strong conclusion. Additionally, students will learn to sharpen their reading comprehension and analytical skills with intensive work on critical reading.

Developmental English Accelerated Learning Courses

These courses are for students who demonstrate strong reading and writing skills in DE 010 or show promise for success through acceleration based on their College Placement exam English scores.

Students will enroll in both DE 025 Advanced Studies in Academic English and English Composition I (EN 101). In the Accelerated Learning Courses, Developmental English students join college-level students in a Composition I course. The DE 025 course will assist advanced level Developmental English students in making the transition to college-level courses. In DE 025 students will learn strategies and techniques which will help them to be successful in Composition I.

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Developmental English Lab

The Developmental English Lab provides tutoring and resources to help registered Developmental English students improve their reading and writing skills. The lab is equipped with computers for students to practice their reading and writing skills through computer-based programs.

Study Session workshops are offered which provide strategies to improve reading and writing efficiency by building vocabulary and improving basic reading, writing and study skills. Students register for designated lab sections, and they may also schedule appointments for individual or group tutoring. (Click for Developmental Studies English Lab).