CIS Adjunct Faculty

The Passaic County Community College CIS Department employs a number of adjunct faculty. They bring to their classes experience in their respective careers as well as excellence in academics. Adjunct faculty meet the same requirements for education and training as full-time faculty but usually maintain full-time employment in the private sector.

Adjunct faculty can be contacted through the Adjunct Office or by phone (973)684-5302 or  973-684-5508

They can also be contacted by the email they provide to their students at the beginning of every semester.


(Spring 2017)
Prof. Timothy Barlow
CIS 101/ME1
Prof. Thoms Berger

Prof. David Csuha

CIS 101/M10
CIS 286/ME1
CIS 126/ME1

Prof. Francisco De La cruz
CIS 125/ME1
CIS 125/ME2
Prof. Khalil Difallah

CIS 101/P01
CIS 101/P02

Prof. Uves Edwards
CIS 101/ME2
CIS 101/ME5
Prof. Michael Egbert
Prof. Russell Gambino
CIS 101/PE1
Prof. Sal Gambino
CIS 165/ME1
Prof. Riad Hammoudeh
CIS 108/ME1
CIS 107/ME1
Prof. David Hernandez
CIS 101/M02
Prof. Christopher King
CIS 101/ME3
CIS 101/PE2
Prof. Jean Muchel
CIS 101/W01
CIS 101/W02
CIS 101/W03
Prof. Roy Nagelhout
CIS 101/ME4
CIS 125/WE1
Prof. Rafi Chehirian
CIS 240/ME1

Prof. Charles Njogu      
CIS 101/M09
CIS 101/M10
Prof. Samuel Nunez 
CIS 283/ME1
CIS 106/ME1

Prof. Michael Pinckney
CIS 101/M01
CIS 101/M03
Prof. Dennis Reer

Prof. Tony Rosato

CIS 101/M04
CIS 101/M08
CIS 101/M01
CIS 294/M01

Prof. Howard Sims

CIS 101/M02


Prof. James Wallace
CIS 101/OL2

Prof. Thomas Yip

CIS 101/OL1
CIS 125/OL1