2012-2013 Perkins College Calendar



Spring/Summer 2012

• Faculty submitted requests; revisions made based on Perkins guidelines and College allocation
• Perkins Plan submitted to Dept. of Ed

July 2, 2012

• Start of 2012-2013 Perkins Spending Plan

September 2012

• Perkins Annual Planning Meeting

Sept./Oct./Nov. 2012

• Begin spending “spend” items provided by Institutional Advancement, plan for spending on all other items

Late Fall 2012/
Early 2013

• Plan approval received from Dept. of Ed
• Official notifications sent to departments
• Second Perkins Meeting to discuss approved allocations and review spending
Note: The State has discretion over the approval process and formal notification date for the Perkins Spending Plan. The College is only able to inquire about the status of the review and is unable to expedite the process. Review Purchase Request Record Sheets.

February 2013

• Review budget and identify remaining/overspent funds
• Review Purchase Request Record Sheets.

March 2013

• Identify remaining funds or need for additional funds
• Third Perkins Meeting to discuss budget revision (if necessary)
• Budget modifications submitted

April/May 2013

• College-identified closing date for submitting PRs
Note: If there are unspent funds, and a need for PRs to be submitted after this date, permission will be sought from the Finance Office. All funds must be spent by June 29th.

April 30, 2013

• Deadline for installing equipment

Note: Equipment must be “received, installed, and available for student instruction” by this date, or it must be paid for with College funds

Spring 2013


June 28, 2013

• Deadline to complete all travel

June 29, 2013

End of 2012-2013 Perkins Spending Plan
Note: Spending must be complete by this date