Online Registration Request Form (Spr 12)

PCCC Registration Request Form for Online Courses
Enrollment in classes is subject to availability and not guaranteed.

Important! This form should NOT be used to request information about online classes. Submission of this form will result in registration for all classes requested (if available) and financial responsibility for all relevant tuition and fees for those classes.

Note: Courses originally offered which have been filled and closed to further registration do not appear in the drop down list of courses below.

Students requesting registration into a Writing Intensive course section should first have completed EN-101 (Composition I) with a grade of C or better first.

Please refer to the College Catalog to make sure you have fulfilled any prerequisites for the courses you are requesting.

Alumni: Please do not submit a request for registration form unless you are willing to pay full tuition.  If you want a class for free as part of your alumni benefits, please only submit a form on or after Waiver Day.

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Please note: Submission of this form does not guarantee registration in the selected course. Confirmation of registration is usually sent out within 24 - 48 hours of submission, but may take longer during peak registration times.