Northeast Resiliency Consortium

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Northeast Resiliency Consortium

About the Northeast Resiliency Consortium

Following several major disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and the Boston Marathon bombings, seven community colleges in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts formed the Northeast Resiliency Consortium (NRC) to build a highly skilled and qualified workforce to help mitigate their communities’ short- and long-term vulnerabilities and risks. The NRC prioritized building a resilient workforce in sectors that  help communities prevent and recover from disasters such as healthcare, information technology, hospitality, and environmental sciences.

The mission of the NRC was to create innovative education and training opportunities by integrating resiliency skills (self-awareness, critical thinking, adaptability, collaboration, and reflective learning). These abilities, not often intentionally taught in traditional curricula, increase student success and enhance employment skills. To achieve its mission, the NRC created a system of professional development, student support services, and learning opportunities that assist teachers, administrators, and students in incorporating resiliency into their courses, their practice, and their lives.

Partner Colleges (7 colleges across 4 neighboring states):

  • Passaic County Community College (Lead; NJ)
  • Atlantic Cape Community College (NJ)
  • LaGuardia Community College (NY)
  • Kingsborough Community College (NY)
  • Capital Community College (CT)
  • Housatonic Community College (CT)
  • Bunker Hill Community College (MA)

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Links to NRC resources:

  1. Resiliency Guidebook
    Building Resilience: a How-to Guidebook on Integrating Resiliency Competencies into Curriculum
  2. Prior Learning Assessment Handbook:
  3. Skills Commons collections:
  4. NRC Youtube Channel (
  5. NAEMT/LaGuardia Community College: Psychological Trauma in EMS Patients Course (
  6. Smart Sparrow Lessons