Success Stories


HPC Success Stories

Marinelza Duran
Administrative Medical Assistant
One Stop Committed to Success Award Recipient

Lauren Murphy of One Stop presents Marinelza
with the One Stop Committed to Success Award.
  Marinelza shows off her HPC tote 
at the Allied Health Lab.
“I came to this country as a single mom in December of 2013 and enrolled in full time ESL classes at PCCC.
In a new country, with limited resources and support, I took on a part time job at Home Depot.
After 8 months I was laid off and went on unemployment. As my benefits were running out,
I enrolled in the “Smart Start” course and began a required internship at a state health organization.
After successfully completing, I enrolled in the Administrative Medical Assistant Course and continued my internship.
I would often arrive early and stay late at my internship to complete tasks. My work ethic quickly made me an office standout,
and I received a job offer upon completion of school. HPC gave me a great opportunity that changed my life!”

Amelia Gonzalez
Pharmacy Technician

Amelia at the HPC Allied Health Lab. 
“El curso me dio la oportunidad de obtener la certificación de Técnico en Farmaceutica. 
Mi vida cambio ya que me dio la oportunidad de estar relacionada con la muy creciente area de la medicina.
El soporte brinado por el staff fue lo que me dio fuerzas para poder completardo ya que estuvieron ahi para mi desde
el principio hasta el final donde finalmente pase de estar desempleada a formar parte de una gran compania farmaceutica.
En cuarto mesas me ayudo a camiar me vida.”

“This course gave me the opportunity to obtain a certification as a Pharmacy Technician. 
My life has changed, and I am grateful to be working in the healthcare field.
It gave me the opportunity to grow from a person who was unemployed to now being a Pharmacy Technician at a large healthcare corporation.  In four months my life has changed.
The support that was given to me throughout the class helped me to understand the process
required from class instruction, testing, getting certification and finally employment. 
Without the help of the staff I would have given up.”

Jacqueline Chali
EKG Technician
Phlebotomy Technician

“I decided to apply to both the EKG and Phlebotomy programs to further my education and be a step ahead in the nursing program.
The confidence and encouragement I received from Dr. Saleh pushed me to want to take this step and pursue these certifications.
The courses were well organized and developed and were always engaging.
We were always moving in class and had hands-on practice performing EKG tests and drawing blood.
The course prepared me with the education I needed, but also taught me how to interact with patients daily
through the volunteers we worked with. Dr. Saleh was an amazing professor who really cares about his students and wants us to be successful.  The HPC staff provided tremendous support and encouragement throughout this process.
The workshops helped to prepare me for interviews, resume building, and overall what to expect in the real world.
All 15 of my classmates and I were successful in the courses and passed our exams, and that says something about this program!

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