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Workshops for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Workshops for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Business Start-Up
Getting started on your business? Do you know what it takes? Do you know how to start and where to go for additional information? Do you need any licenses and where you can get support? Do you know thebusiness resources that are available? If not, this session is for you. If you are just starting on your business idea, learn from the experts. This seminar will provide you with the basics on how to start your business and how to get your business idea on track to reality.


Business Plan
Business plans are a necessary tool for every phase of business operations, from start-up to expansion. A sound business plan will help you manage your business more effectively, and is a requirement for any business seeking financing. This seminar shows the steps to prepare a detailed business plan and why the business plan is used as a primary source for obtaining SBA loans, or loans from venture capitalists and angel investors. This session discusses the components of a business plan; executive summary, cover letter, organization plan, financial and supporting documents necessary to obtain funding.


Starting a Child Care Center
This workshop is designed to help home-based child care providers learn the requirements for Family Day Care registration and licensing. Budgeting and financial management will also be reviewed. The attendees will receive instruction and information tools to aid them in their planning and evaluating their objectives. The workshop will be presented in both English and Spanish. The Instructor/Facilitators come from the New Jersey Human Services agency and conduct an authoritative presentation.


Get Online! Learn to Manage the Process of Getting Your Site Online
Learn how to manage the web site development process. Identify a winning strategy for adapting your business to the Internet. Then, discuss how to find web designers and compare that to the challenges to doing it yourself. Develop a plan for testing your site and marketing ideas to maximize your chances for success online.


All classes will be conducted at the CTC, 218 Memorial Drive, Paterson, NJ 07505.
All of these seminars are being offered free-of-charge to small business owners and emerging entrepreneurs in Paterson.