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HUD HSIAC 2010 Grant


  2010 Project Summary:


PCCC Neighborhood University:

Pathways to Learning and Employment


Through its proposed project entitled the PCCC Neighborhood University: Pathways to Learning and Employment, Passaic County Community College (PCCC) and its partners address the educational and employment needs of Hispanic and minority, low-income, low-skill residents living in the Paterson’s Great Falls and Sandy Hill neighborhoods.
The Neighborhood University concept is one in which the college shares its resources and expertise on-site, in the neighborhoods themselves, close to where the residents live and work.  The Neighborhood University model has two strands, one for local schoolchildren through an after school program (NUFC) and one for adults that focuses on ESL/career training, workforce readiness, technology training, and support services (NUFA).
The project activities take place on site at the Paterson Community Technology Center (serving the Sandy Hill neighborhood) and at School #5 (serving the Great Falls neighborhood).  The Project aligns itself with a Full Services Community School model currently in place School #5, from which more than 20 different community based organizations are offering services on site at the school to improve the overall quality of life for local residents.


Significant Accomplishments as of December 2012 


Neighborhood University for children (NUFC)


  • The NUFC After-School program served students from Paterson Public School #28 at the Paterson Community Technology Center on the campus of Passaic County Community College.  Two groups of children attended a 1½ hour class, one day a week, for 10 weeks. The classes taught video editing (creating a public service announcement).
  • 35 children have enrolled in NUFC. 
  • The children attended 10 weeks of classes for a total of 178 hours.
  • 20 children (58%) earned a Certificate of Completion*.
  • 20 children (58%) produced a Public Service Announcement on the topic of environment.  
  • 3 PCCC students completed training and became learning consultants.

From the beginning:


  • 262 children have enrolled in the program, surpassing our objective of 216 by twenty-one percent.
  • 207 children have earned a Certificate of Completion, surpassing our objective of 173 by twenty percent.
  • 146 children have produced a Public Service Announcement on the topic of environment. This is 97% of the total objective (151).


Neighborhood University for Adults (NUFA)

  • In the period between July 1st, and December 31, 2012, 117 residents inquired about our Program. Of this, 65 filled an application and took the Admission’s Test. Thirty-five (35) passed program admission requirements and 23 participants were selected to participate in our Fall 2012 Program.  These 23 participants enrolled in our Fall 2012 AMA Bridge Program.
  • From the beginning of our NUFA program, 940 residents have inquired about our program. Of this, 421 residents were tested and 298 passed program admission requirements.  A total of 240 participants enrolled in the program. This is 80% of Objective #1 (300 students).
  • During this reporting period, our partners offered one basic ESL class for 11 weeks at School #5; 17 participants attended this class.  
  • During this reporting period, we offered an ESL for AMA Bridge Class; 23 students participated.
  • During this reporting period, a total of 19 out of 23 participants completed their AMA Bridge class (83%). These participants have logged 1,248 hours in ESL for AMA. 
  • 160 participants have completed a Bridge class, surpassing our objective of 150 by seven percent.
  • Of the 19 participants which completed a bridge class during this reporting period, 18 have been accepted into the College’s AMA Certificate Program (95%).  To date a total of 108 participants have either enrolled in or completed a Certificate Program (which exceeds our objective of enrolling 75 participants by forty-four percent). 
  • Four PCCC students completed training and were assigned as Digital Literacy Tutors and Child Care Assistants.



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