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HUD HSIAC 2006 Grant

HUD HSIAC 2006 Grant


  2006 Project Summary:

In October 2006, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded Passaic County Community College an HSIAC grant.  The purpose of this grant is to provide low-income Hispanic residents and businesses in Paterson, New Jersey with the technology skills needed to succeed in today’s information-based economy.  The Project’s three major components include the following: 

  1. Business/Technology Training for Hispanic Businesses and Entrepreneurs
    • Business Seminar Resources
  2. After School Multimedia Training Program for Hispanic Children
  3. ESL and Technology Skills Training Program

The project activities take place using the resources of the College’s Paterson Community Technology Center (CTC), and the College’s partners in this project include nine community-based organizations.

Significant Accomplishments

Business / Technology Training for
Hispanic Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

Among its significant accomplishments, PCCC and its partners:

  • Have delivered a total of 173  business workshops both in English and Spanish, thereby surpassing the project objectives of providing 36 business workshops.  
  • Furthermore, 1,111 Hispanic business owners and entrepreneurs attended project activities thereby surpassing the project objectives of involving 60 participants.  
  • The grantee met the objective of providing 400 hours of on-site technical assistance.  A total of 25 business owners and 15 entrepreneurs received one-on-one business and start-up assistance.  Each business and entrepreneur was assigned to work with a PCCC student consultant.  PCCC student consultants worked alongside PCCC Business and Marketing Faculty who provided guidance and recommendations for working with the businesses and entrepreneurs.  
  • Satisfaction Survey Results:  33 out of the 40 (83%) program participants completed end-of-program surveys and reported improvements as a result of PCCC’s HSIAC program.  23% of the 33 survey respondents reported that they received assistance in marketing area, 13% were helped with developing a business plan, and assistance in the area of price/area competition. 12% received help with business start up, followed by 11% receiving finance help and 10% obtaining budgeting assistance.   7% of respondents reported receiving help in website development, while the same amount reported an increase in sales as a result of the program.   Only 3% of program participants were helped in the area of employee relations, and 1% reported obtaining help acquiring permits/licenses and/or business incorporation.


After School / Multimedia Training Program
for Hispanic Children.

  • A total of 248 children attended the program surpassing the project objective of 240.  As a result of attending our program, 185 children (77%) got a grade of B or better in mathematics /English.  216 children (90%) completed a project.


Integrate Technology Skills into
Community Based ESL Training Programs.


  • A total of 8 instructors participated in an average of 375 (3000 hours total) hours over a 22-28 week period in train-the-trainer activities.  In addition, 3 instructors participated in an average of 255 (765 hours total) hours over 14-21 weeks.  The training focused on delivering lessons which integrated technology skills and ESL.

In addition to this training, the project achieved the following significant accomplishments:  

  • Forged a partnership with the ESL/ Bilingual Department  at the Paterson School District  and delivered five hands on technology rich workshops attended by 13 teachers from the District.  Teachers logged in 65 hours of instruction


  • 92 community trainers who are family workers from the Paterson Schools attended train-the-trainer activities and logged in 212 hours of instruction.


  • Forged a partnership with the Passaic County Workforce Development Center and delivered 6 “best practices” ESL classes  A total of 110 students attended these classes and logged in 3,377 hours of class and lab instruction.  29 of these students applied and were admitted into PCCC


  • Developed 2 train-the-trainer DVDs (“ESL, Music and Technology”  and “Using Film to Teach Grammar”


  • Developed an ESL and Citizenship Interactive Website


  • Piloted two ESL and Citizenship Best Practices classes attended by 40 participants.


  • For two years, the Project Director and ESL Liaison presented our HSIAC ESL Program at the International Teachers to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Conference.


  • The CTC produced a website for the trainers:  

Professor Laurie Moody’s HSIAC ESL Page