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Community Technology Center helping the Silk City become the Cyber City!
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Business Seminar Resources

Grant funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) the Community Technology Center (CTC) at PCCC offers free business and technology training seminars. This innovative program assists small businesses in the Paterson, NJ area. Various seminars are offered throughout the year in both English and Spanish.

Click on your instructor's name or seminar for important downloads, links and PDF files related to your seminar.

Instructor Seminar

Lucia Gheorghiu

Creating a winning business plan

Effective marketing solution for your small business

The art and science of managing people


Ed. Pagan

Basic accounting form 1

Basic accounting form 2

Retirement plan for small business

Financial Planning Handout 1

Financial Planning Handout 2

Financial Planning Handout 3

Financial Planning Handout 4


Al. Izzi

Business Plan

Business Start Up


Bill Tully

Business Plan 1

Business Plan 2

Business Plan 3

Marketing Strategies for Business Success 1

Marketing Strategies for Business Success 2


Alex Marin

Diagnostico Basico de Negocios    

Opciones para Financiar su Negocio

Principios Generales de Como Manejar Exitosamente su Negocio


Roberto Alferez

Como Emprender un Pequeno Negocio

Fundamentos Basicos de Contabilidad

Plan de Negocios

Preparandose para la Declaracion de Impuestos

Reparacion de Credito Parte Uno

Reparacion de Credito Parte Dos


Jerges Cortina

Como Poner su Negocio en la Red

Getting online


Maria Eugenia Sandoval

Microsoft Excel Basico

Introduccion a Microsoft Word Basico

Introduccion a Access

Microsoft PowerPoint Basico

Microsoft Publisher Basico