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Community Technology Center helping the Silk City become the Cyber City!
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About Us - PCTC

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission: The Community Technology Center at PCCC provides wide-ranging educational opportunities to low-income children and adults with barriers to learning and employment. Our Center provides people of all ages and abilities free or low-cost access to resources that enable them to learn about computers, use the Internet, explore new careers, further their education, participate in community activities, and develop job-related technology skills.  The CTC also brings technology to nonprofits in the community by making its state-of-the-art computer rooms available and offering train-the-trainer workshops.  The CTC has maintained long-standing partnerships with churches, schools, local government and businesses.

Our Vision: Through technology, we aspire to be a Center of Excellence which builds community, creates opportunity, and enriches education.


We offer:

  • Language, literacy , technology, and job building skills to Paterson’s immigrant population

  • Resources, staff and space to support local non-profit organizations

  • Targeted programs for community segments:  Youth, After-school, Seniors.

  • Entrepreneurship workshops

  • ESL Career bridge and college prep classes


During the 2011-2012 fiscal year, we offered 48 workshops which were attended by 818 participants.

At present we are funded by PCCC and by the Department of Housing and Urban Development Hispanic Serving Institutions Assisting Communities (HSIAC) grant.  We have also been contracted by the Paterson YMCA, to provide services for their 21st Century grantees.


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