Geri Digiorno



Geri Digiorno
Flying Nun, 2002
Collage on paper, 23 ½” x 17 ½”
Gift of the artist

Geri Digiorno’s collages reflect memories of her life growing up in a family of nine girls.  Most of her works are of the Madonna, goddesses, and women.  She has always enjoyed drawing and painting people, especially faces.  Though Digiorno’s vivid characters are imaginative, her subjects are real people.  Color is an important element in her work.  She usually works on three or four pieces at the same time moving from one to the other, cutting, tearing and pasting until the colors, shapes, and forms become a picture.  Flying Nun is an excellent example of the artist’s colorful, witty style.

Geri Digiorno studied art at Salano College in California and has exhibited her works widely on the West Coast.  Also a poet, she teaches collage and poetry to the homeless at the Family Shelter and at the Opportunity Center in Petaluma.  Digiorno is the founder and coordinator of the Petaluma Poetry Walk, an annual event in historic Petaluma, California, where she lives.  She also coordinates the Poets and Painters Series.