Luis Ruiz street



Luis Ruiz
San Juan Street #4, 2005
C print, 8” x 12”
Gift of the artist

Born in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico, Luis Ruiz immigrated to the United States at the age of three.  Interested in his heritage and connecting with relatives, he returns to Puerto Rico twice a year and has developed an interest in photographing the city of San Juan.

In 1984, Ruiz bought his first camera.  He took two courses at Passaic County Community College, “Introduction to Photography” and “Art Appreciation,” and credits the experience with sparking his interest in photography and fine art. 

San Juan Street #4 is part of a series of streets and doors photographed in San Juan.  The artist was attracted to the doors by the variety of their colors, shapes, and styles.  With an exceptional eye for design, artistic sensitivity, and his digital camera, Luis Ruiz makes each door uniquely interesting.