Linda Hillringhouse



Linda Hillringhouse
Redhead in Mirror, 1994
Mixed media on paper, 9” x 12”
Gift of the artist

Though self-taught, Linda Hillringhouse’s colorful, decorative paintings on paper and batik are imaginative, witty, and sophisticated.  Her exotic figures, often dressed in elaborate costumes, could be characters in a narrative or play.  She says, “My work contains a theatrical/psychological motif: the feeling that something happened, is trying to happen, or will happen – externally, or internally – or in a dream.  The figures display themselves in imaginary landscapes or interiors.  They appear to be self-conscious actors who know something the artist doesn’t.”  Redhead in Mirror features one of Hillringhouse’s colorful, imaginative performers.

Linda Hillringhouse holds an MFA in Poetry from Columbia University. She was selected for inclusion in “The 20th Century Self-Taught Artists” Archive Collection at the Museum of American Folk Art in New York City.