Karl Hagedorn - Minnesota Time


Karl Hagedorn (1922 – 2005)
Minnesota Time, 1970
Mixed media on paper, 14 ¼” x 20 ¼”
Gift of Albert Tacconelli

Born in Guentersberge, Germany, Karl Hagedorn studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Munich.  His early works were figurative, but he is best known for his geometric and mechanical abstract drawings and paintings.  He supported himself by designing and executing mosaics, murals and stained glass windows until his emigration to the United States in 1959.  Hagedorn lived in St. Paul, Minnesota, working as a free-lance artist and teaching at Hamline University and at St. Paul Art Center.  In 1967 he had his first major solo exhibition at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.  He later moved his studio to New York and continued to exhibit his work in the United States and Europe.

About Karl Hagedorn’s drawing, Minnesota Time, Albert Tacconelli wrote, “Minnesota Time is fluidly balanced with winged-like gestures of organic-geometrical-mechanical forms, subtlest gradations of color, exquisite use of line, and notice how carefully the lines are articulated and modulated, no accidents here.  I love this drawing’s many nuances, its sophisticated concept and masterly execution; it is a universe unto itself – the art of a genius.  Minnesota Time impressed me from the first – and the thought of donating it to Passaic County Community College.”