Janet Kolstein



Janet Kolstein
One Cent Stamp, 2000
Mixed media on paper, 34¼” x 19”
Gift of the artist

Janet Kolstein works predominately in mixed media.  Previous to a car accident which left her with a mobility challenge, she was a textile designer and painter.  After much rehabilitation, Kolstein continued to develop her art.  Collage became the preferred technique.  “Looking for and finding the materials for the collages became a part of the whole experience of piecing together bits of people’s histories.  Delving into the past uncovers layer of subconscious associations: the fifties and sixties brings to mind my own past, the forties my parents…This personal past stays behind the curtains, while gathered material takes the stage.”  One Cent Stamp is an excellent example of Kolstein’s work.

Janet Kolstein has shown her work throughout the United States and is a member of the Collage/Assemblage Society which creates exhibition opportunities in New York City.  Kolstein also participates in exhibitions featuring artists with disabilities.  She received a BFA degree from Montclair University.