Herrat Sommerhoff



Herrat Sommerhoff
Star Light Express, 2000
Acrylic, Styrofoam on wood, 43” x 14 ½”
Gift of the artist

Herrat Sommerhoff makes art from discarded materials.  The artist recycles milk cartons, Styrofoam packing, fast-food drink trays, toilet paper rolls and egg cartons into brightly painted relief sculptures.  Colorful and witty, her abstract, geometric constructions appeal to viewers of all ages and cultures.  Star Light Express is made with Styrofoam packing material, acrylic paint and wood.  Sommerhoff says about her sculptures, “This work is about glorifying something that normally is not seen in any positive way.  It’s very fulfilling.”

Born in Germany, Herrat Sommerhoff received a degree from Bremen and has studied art at the Art Students League, Bergen Community College, and the Art Center of Northern New Jersey.