Alfonso Giella


Alfonso Giella
Geometric Painting, 1985
Collage on paper, 17” x 13”
Gift of Barbara and Vickie Giella

Alfonso Giella was born in Paterson, New Jersey in 1912.  He moved to Los Angeles where he spent his early years working in advertising and film animation.  Later he worked in the textile industry and became an innovative force in the denim boon of the 1970’s, earning the title “Mr. Denim.”

Giella had a lifelong passion for the arts.  He was an accomplished artist, art historian, and poet.  During his life time he created a large body of drawings, paintings, collages, and writings.   Alfonso Giella died in 2003.  Two of his works, The City and Kitchen Still Life, were donated to the PCCC collection by his daughters in honor of his “immense creativity, intelligence and wonderful sense of humor.”