Albert Tacconelli Solomon



Albert Tacconelli
Solomon, c. 1966
Lithograph, 23" x 17 ½"
Gift of the artist

Al Tacconelli’s paintings and prints express the anxiety, questioning, and hope human beings encounter in a modern, technological, often fearful world.  His small works, usually finely painted mysterious faces, entice the viewer to pause and look beyond the surface.  Tacconelli says that a mysterious, poetic reality can be found in pausing a little longer, which is his goal.  His larger black and white lithograph, Solomon, is also one of those mysterious, expressive faces.

Artist and poet, Al Tacconelli has been a generous supporter of the PCCC Contemporary Art Collection.  He donated a considerable part of his own private collection of art, including pieces by Japanese master woodblock print artists Hiroshige and Hokusai, among others, as well a number of his own paintings and works on paper.