Patterns of Imbalance

By Suzanne Scott

About the sixteen paintings in this exhibition, Suzanne Scott says: “Although the circle is the theme of this particular series of paintings, it is not the subject. At the moment of applying paint to canvas, I do not set out to create a “circle” painting. For me, circles do not represent archetypal imagery – sun, moon, eternity, etc. Rather, circles have been my obsession. Each painting has its own psychic vibration and correlative visual effect upon the viewer.” These subtle, yet dazzling abstract works are mysterious, expressive, and spiritual. Viewers will want to spend extra time looking at and contemplating Scott’s paintings.

Suzanne Scott studied at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University and at the Art Students League. She will exhibit her paintings at Ezair Gallery, NYC, in 2004.




Contact: Jane Haw
Phone: (973) 684-5448