Parts of World

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Artist Statement:

In my work, I want to explore the silence and stillness that permeates objects – the wood, glass, metal, stone of particular material and their textures. I want to capture the way light isolates objects in time, and how light interacts with geometric form to create abstraction. I am interested in how human emotion is evoked in the inner world of the viewer, especially in black and white where the “here and now” is stripped away to reveal a timelessness. This grayscale world is closer somehow to the way we experience memory and dream.

In “Parts of a World,” I was struck by the timeless moment surrounding “Radiator,” a photo taken in the early fall, my favorite season for light. From the long shafts of sunlight pouring down over the old, cast iron radiator, I felt a benign presence coming from that small corner of my world.

Mark Hillringhouse



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