Jack White


Mixed Media Paintings

Since the late 1960’s, Jack White’s mixed media abstract work has been inspired by African art forms and symbolism. About his work he says, “Like most human beings, I am curious about my ancestors; as a black American I know only that they came from the continent of Africa. The works included in the Ancestral Memories series are outside the boundaries of traditional painting. They contain elements of the spiritual, the artistic, and the utilitarian that define African art. I hesitate to put them into a category; I only know that in a very special way, they connect me with my African ancestors.”

In the eighteen small works in this exhibition, White expertly uses luminous color, texture, pattern, and a variety of materials (acrylic paint, copper, wood, canvas, and paper) to create elegant, glowing artworks. All are excellent examples of Jack White’s vision and expertise as an artist.

White studied art at Morgan State University and Syracuse University. His work is represented in many public and private collections: Schomberg Cultural Center, Syracuse University Collections, Arkansas Arts Center, Tampa Museum of Art, The Donald T. Byrd Collection, and Passaic County Community College Art Collections, among others. He recently moved from Auburn, New York to Austin, Texas, where he continues working as an artist, teacher, and curator.



Contact: Jane Haw
Phone: (973) 684-5448
E-mail: jhaw@pccc.edu