Hiromoto Eguchi Paintings

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Hirotomo Eguchi began studying graphic design in 1972 at the Yoyogi Design School in Tokyo, Japan. He went onto to study Printed Tile Design, Silk Screen Printing and Frame-Making.  Eguchi’s works have been shown in New York City galleries, in various exhibits throughout the United States and in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Eguchi has also studied Shiatsu Massage and High Fashion Jewelry Metal Work.  For these paintings on exhibit, Eguchi uses oil on canvas, blending realistic images with surrealistic forms in surprising ways.  His use of vibrant colors and juxtaposition of images are whimsical, mysterious and evocative at times.   The artist is now back in his native Japan designing and painting furniture, which compliments his artwork. 

All of the paintings in this exhibition are from the personal collection of Nicholas Rodriguez.

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