"GUISS GUISS" Visions of Africa


"GUISS GUISS" - Visions of Africa
Paintings on Glass

Ibou Ndoye grew up in the West African city, Dakar, Senegal, surrounded by colorful African textiles and fabrics. His mother made her living as a dressmaker and his grandmother worked as a tie-dye artist. Ibou says that he “socialized with art and cohabitated with colors” from a very early age.

Ibou’s work also was inspired by the traditional glass painting technique brought to Senegal by the Arabs in the 19th century. Eventually the artist broke with tradition and created his own colorful style and innovative technique. Ibou began breaking the surface of the glass to make new layers and textures for his painted images. He also used a variety of other materials, including copper wire, wood, bone, and animal skin. After moving to the United States in 2001, plastics, CD covers and other found objects were added to his work. Ibou’s recent brightly colored, mixed media paintings of modern and traditional African life are featured in the current exhibit.

The artist lives in Jersey City and exhibits his art while teaching glass painting workshops at schools and libraries. Ibou continues to promote and expand his artistic vision through exhibitions, art education, and cultural exchange.

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