Barbara Wallace

Artist Statement


See, Hear, Speak No Evil 2, recycled paper, cardboard, metal and acrylic paint

The human figure is the main inspiration for my faux bronze wall hanging relief sculptures.  My training as a sculptor has been in the traditional sculptural materials of clay, metal, stone, and wood.  As a professional artist, I have adapted techniques ordinarily reserved for clay and sheet metal in exchange for recycled materials. The process for creating the artworks, often begins with a recycled wire clothes hanger.  Layers of recycled newspapers, magazines, and cardboard are applied to the minimal armature with an adhesive of wheat paste glue.  My process mimics the additive/subtractive technique employed with clay or the fabrication of metal.  The fourth dimension of time is crucial for the drying process, as are the natural laws of gravity, for creating the forms.  I embrace the practice of reduce, reuse, and recycle, to support my philosophy that art making and art materials need to be accessible and affordable for everyone.  My most influential inspiration was my mentor and University of Pennsylvania graduate Professor Maurice C. Lowe.  Maurie had been the assistant of Henry Moore in 1959 in England.  My most influential painting teacher was my Pratt Institute undergraduate Professor Rudolph Baranik, who had been a student of Férnand Leger in France.

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