A Glance on Solomon

Paintings by

Reginald K. Gee, a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a self-taught artist of African American and Native American descent. His work is non-traditional and is considered “Outsider Art.” Gee’s visionary images reflect the struggles of urban street life and his interest in religion, numerology, and Masonic rituals and symbols. In this exhibit, paintings entitled Surface Theory, Blue Masonic Diagram, and Degree Question are inspired by Masonic Teaching Boards. The artist has an unusual approach to color and often paints on unconventional surfaces. For example, Moods and I know I’m Supposed to be Afraid are painted on brown paper bags.

Reg K. Gee’s work has been included in numerous exhibits throughout the United States. His paintings are currently on view in a traveling exhibition In the Spirit of Martin: The Living Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution. Gee has shown his work at the National Black Fine Art Show and 147 Gallery in New York City, Dean Jensen Gallery in Milwaukee, Dell Pryor Gallery in Detroit, and the Black Fine Art Exposition in Chicago.




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