PCCC Prof Consulted on Swine Flu

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PCCC Science Prof. Anne Loving


PCCC Science Prof. Anne Loving

PCCC Science professor and microbiologist. Anne LaGrange Loving is making headlines again. The chairman of the science department was recently quoted in a May 2, 2009 article published in The Tennessean about swine flu and potential contamination of communion cups in church.

"I believe there is no need to panic about this, Prof. Loving said in the article.  The microbiologist is noted for her study, published long before the recent swine flu outbreak, about health safety and communion cups.  The study by Prof. Loving and Dr. Lisa F. Wolf was published in the Journal of Environmental Health (July/August 1997).  Loving concluded from her research that sharing, communion cups posed no serious threat to health.

It was only last year that Prof. Loving grabbed national headlines, appearing on radio and television programs, with her equally compelling study of contamination of lemon wedges in restaurants.