PCCC on Bike Patrol

PCCC park at the Main Campus


Responding to both the growth of the Paterson campus and the trends of the times, Passaic County Community College rolled out its first Bike Patrol security detail last month and plans for expansion are already underway, according to Walter Pearn, PCCC’s public safety director.

“Our goal is to increase the sense of security for the college community and to make our security guards more accessible to the people,” said Pearn.  “We want the guards to develop a rapport with the community they’re patrolling. Having them on bikes makes them much more approachable than if they were in a vehicle or on a scooter.”


Bike Patrol
Daniel Nika offers a friendly presence on campus

Since June 8, two of  the regular PCCC security guards are on bike patrol during campus hours of operation from Monday to Saturday. The campus is closed Sundays.  One is on morning duty and the other takes the evening shift.  The guards, Nakia Shelton and Daniel Nika, completed a special five-day training course in safety and maintenance at the Bergen County Police Academy Current plans call for two more guards to attend the training program soon.

The idea to put PCCC security guards on bicycles came in response to the growth of the downtown campus. “It’s grown much bigger and more spread out,” explained Pearn. “Bikes allow the guards to cover the entire campus more quickly and easily.”  Another advantage, he said, is that bikes are a more “green” method of transportation, conforming  to PCCC’s  commitment to protect the environment.

Uniformed and wearing helmets, the guards ride black and white Fuji mountain bikes with  “Security” marked on the crossbar. Pearn said the department now owns two of these bikes and plans to acquire more as the team expands.

PCCC now joins several other New Jersey colleges that employ bike patrols as part of their security coverage.“Bike patrols increase the visibility of security on campus,” explained Pearn. “They are clearly identified and can be another effective tool for deterring anyone who is contemplating an offense.”


Bike Patrol
Nakia Shelton on duty