Summer Bridge Program 2009

Paterson Campus' main entrance

Passaic County Community College
Passaic Partners for STEM Innovation and Achievement Project (PPSIA)

Summer Bridge Program 2009

Study Topics and Unusual Careers

 Here are some of the intriguing subjects students will explore in the STEM classes at PCCC this summer: 

Who Done It.

Learn how forensic scientists use DNA as a
tool in the identification of
criminal suspects.

Shine Little Glow-Worm

Actually, they're bacteria. But you're going 
to introduce a jellyfish gene that
will cause them to glow green.

If You've Got the Right Question, You Can Get the Answer

Suppose you were wondering if that drinking fountain
was loaded with germs.
The key is to develop a clear
Research Question, then devise a logical
way to get your answer.
We'll show you how.

Does Your Dog Bite?

How an animal reacts in a given situation 
often depends - on a variety factors.
We'll explore what those factors are, then
give you the opportunity
to apply those principles yourself.

To Tell The Truth

Using the polygraph and the science behind
polygraph analysis.
How an examiner can see right through
even the smallest little lie.

Food Origins

Ever wonder where the tomato in salsa or spaghetti sauce
came from? Or what willow bark was used for?
Ethno botany reveals the origins of foods and medicines
and how they've influenced civilization.

Off-Beat STEM Careers

You never know what you could end up doing with that STEM 
education. Here are some possibilities:
Milking spiders for venom. Researching algae to obtain fuel.
Working for the Environmental Protection Agency as a detective.
Becoming a "professional" hacker.
Designing the next generation of artificial organs.