Obama’s $12 Billion College Plan

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The American Graduation Initiative
The USA Invests in Community Colleges


July 15, 2009
- President Obama yesterday announced the American Graduation Initiative, a $12 billion plan to strengthen the nation’s community colleges and significantly increase the number of college graduates over the next decade.

Speaking at Macomb Community College in Michigan, the President applauded the role community colleges play in creating the prosperity of the nation and explained that his plan will enable the United States to prepare effectively for the jobs and global challenges of the future.

Click here for a White House blog about the initiative and read the President’s remarks about community colleges.



July 23 , 2009 – PCCC President Quoted in The Star-Ledger
An editorial about the American Graduation Initiative published today in The Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ), referred to Passaic County Community College and quoted the College president, Dr. Steven Rose. Here is an excerpt:

At Passaic County Community College, there are some 12,000 students enrolled, including 1,800 single mothers. Passaic's president, Steven Rose, said he was impressed by Obama's remarks and the government's push behind community colleges. "They seem to understand what's going on. They seem to recognize it's a diverse student body with diverse needs."

Rose said the biggest issue facing the college is the varying level of student preparedness. "We're getting more students out of high school, and we still have older students," Rose said. "But one-size remedial program does not fit all." Teens fresh out of high school might just need a 5-hour refresher in math; older students may need a longer, intensive course.

Obama's program would allow Passaic and other community colleges to create remedial programs geared toward specific populations and apply for grants to get them up and running.

To read the complete editorial, click here