Team Roster

Instructor discussing with students in the Lab

Passaic County Community College – Women’s Volleyball  2009-10

1.       Rafaela Ramirez       So.    5’ 9’    OH/S     Eastside high School

2.       Carmen santos          So.    5’5”    OH/S     John F. Kennedy High School

3.       Massiel Sanabria       So.    5”9”    MB       Passaic High School

4.       Aiza Valenzuela         So.    5’8”     D/Lib    Eastside High School

5.       Kathy Chavez              Fr.    4’11”   D          John F. Kennedy High School

6.       Carmen Castillo          Fr.    6’0”     MB       Passaic High School

7.       Lizette Coz                  Fr.    4’6’     D/Lib    John F. Kennedy High School

8.       Karen Huaco                Fr.   5’7”    D        Paterson Catholic High School

9.       Dawn McLean             Fr.  5’11”  MB/S     Passaic Technical High Institute

10.   Maritza Mendez           Fr.  5’8”    LSH        Passaic High School

Coaches        Daniel  Cruz                        Manager:  Chevelle Carridice

                      Tanash Lawrence

                      Samoya Baily