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If We Had a Fourth “C,” It Would be for Careers.

2015 - 2016

PCCC is committed to keeping pace with the job market and with the fields that demonstrate strong job demand and career growth potential.  This Fall, PCCC introduces new degree and certificate programs in several of today’s most promising fields.   Click on each title below for program details.


Associate in Science Degree in Environmental Sustainability
Environmental interests are vitally important in today’s professional and business worlds.  This degree program prepares students for a wide range of employment opportunities related to alternative energy sources, green initiatives, and conservation practices in fields from manufacturing and law, to economics, and culture.

Associate in Science Degree in Medical Informatics
Joint Program with New Jersey Institute of Technology
Healthcare and Information Technology are two of today’s fastest growing industries.  Students interested in both can train as IT professionals who apply their skills and knowledge to the medical field.  The joint program allows PCCC grads to transfer to NJIT’s Bachelor of Science degree program in Engineering Technology.

Associate in Science Degree in Liberal Arts
Nutrition Option

This degree option is for those students interested in the scientific study of nutrition and its relationship to health. This program provides a solid academic foundation for students who plan to continue their studies for the bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university. Employment prospects are strong for nutritionists and dieticians and graduates may eventually seek employment in hospitals, nursing homes, adults care facilities, schools, youth agencies, laboratories, and nutritional counseling practices.

Associate in Science Degree in Public Health
This program give students a foundation for an array of careers that require knowledge and understanding of public health issues as they relate to society, education, law, the environment, and much more. Students will learn about biology, health statistics, healthcare in society, and health agencies, among other subjects, and be well prepared for an immediate job in the field or to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program. 

Associate in Applied Science in Music Technology
Music Technology is a multi-billion dollar industry providing career opportunities at all levels in a wide range of applications from television and radio to sound systems for home use. This degree program offers studies in music, business, and audio engineering to prepare students for jobs in the highly competitive and exciting music/audio production industry. 
PCCC’s degree programs can transfer smoothly to bachelor’s degree programs at most colleges and universities. PCCC also maintains articulation programs with over 20 four-year institutions to ensure easy transfer to junior year status.


The Certificate in Baking is designed to provide students with the basic skills needed for employment opportunities in the food service and hospitality industries, particularly in bakeries, bread houses, and restaurants.  Courses in program also provide a foundation for students who wish to continue developing their skills in the A.A.S. Degree in Culinary Arts.

Gerontology Specialist
This career certificate aims to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to work in fields that serve the aging population. This growing field offers a wide range of employment opportunities in governmental programs, public and private agencies, institutions, social services, and more.


Automation Control
This program is designed to give students both  knowledge and technical skills in operating, programming, and troubleshooting  Automation and Control used in manufacturing, fluid, electro-mechanical and bottling processes.

The certificate will prepare students for the Standard Occupational Classifications: Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician and Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Commercial and Industrial.

Field Service Technician
The Field Service Technician Certificate program is designed to prepare students for entry level technician positions needed to assemble, program, and perform diagnostic testing in electronic systems such as home security systems, automatic HVAC system control, smart appliances, and renewable energy control systems. Career opportunities are strong in three major areas: Wireless Systems, Embedded Processor Systems, and Field Programmable Devices

This certificate is designed for students who want to enter the field of geriatrics services where there is significant job growth with employment opportunities in community service agencies, senior living facilities, nursing homes, and more.

Plumbing Technology
This program provides entry-level skills and knowledge for students preparing to enter the plumbing industry as an apprentice to become a master plumber. It is offered in partnership with Passaic County Technical School. Instruction includes the basic skills to assist with the installation and repairs of residential and light commercial plumbing systems. Course work includes sketching diagrams, interpretation of blueprints and practices in plumbing assembly. Students will gain knowledge of State and National Codes and requirements.

This program, which is offered in partnership with Passaic County Technical Institute, provides students with a basic understanding of the science, technology, and the application skills essential for successful employment in the welding and metal industry. Instruction includes consumable and non-consumable electrode welding and cutting processes.  Job opportunities exist in construction, manufacturing, fabrication, drilling, and pipeline companies, and welding related self-employment.


Fall Classes Start
September 2.