Mother and Daughter Graduate Together

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Spotlight on Our Graduates – Class of 2009

Mother and Daughter: CO-EDS and 2009 Grads


Gayatri Nehrunsingh (L) and her daughter,
Samantha Jaikaran, review
graduation information at
Passaic County Community College

At first, Gayatri Nehrunsingh and Samantha Jaikaran seem like any other PCCC college co-eds and best friends. They take classes together, study together, are both honor students, and serve as officers in campus organizations. On May 21, they will also graduate together, each receiving an associate’s degree in liberal arts at the college’s thirty-seventh annual commencement ceremonies. But Gayatri, 40, and Samantha, 20, are more than just friends; they are also mother and daughter.

“It’s exciting and pretty cool,” said Samantha of graduating with her mother. “We’ve always been very close,” added Gayatri, who uses her maiden name and looks young enough to be any other college student. Passaic residents, both women entered PCCC in 2006. Gayatri started first and Samantha, who was then a junior at Passaic High School, signed up for a course a few months later. Since then, they’ve been excellent students, deeply involved in campus activities, and popular with faculty, staff, and other students. 

Both also plan to continue their education. Samantha will attend Rider College in September to pursue a bachelor’s degree in communications. Gayatri, who carried a double major in English and science, has not yet decided which school she will attend, but hopes to become a college professor one day. 

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