Honor Student With App-titude

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Posted 0ctober 30, 2013


Tamby Kojak

Tamby Kojak:
Honor Student With App-titude


“My ultimate dream is to positively impact the way we all live,” says Tamby Kojak, a  20-year old honor student and web app developer whose technology innovations have already gained recognition.

An engineering science major and president of the PCCC chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) honor society, Tamby is also the android engineer of Inbox, a team-developed web app that has already attracted potential investors and is available on the market.

“Inbox enables mobile devices to perform key features such as deleting messages from multiple devices in a single operation,” said Tamby. The app was brought to market through TechLaunch, a prestigious and highly competitive tech accelerator program partly funded by the NJ Economic Development Authority.

“I’m passionate about software and technology,” said Tamby.  Last February, the young innovator formed Eminus Studios, assembling a global team that includes a developer in Belgium and an artist in Japan to produce video games for mobile devices. “Our biggest project is due out in the next two months,” he said.

A 2011 graduate of Wayne Hills High School, Tamby considers Apple founder Steve Jobs “a huge inspiration,” and though many tech leaders do not have a college degree, Tamby believes  college is “a smart choice in our world,” and aims to earn a dual bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and computer science.

Committed to sharing knowledge, he applied to become a tutor at PCCC and volunteers in his community as a teacher of Circassian dances in honor of his ethnic cultural heritage.

With a plan to attend either Rutgers University/New Brunswick or New Jersey Institute of Technology after his graduation from PCCC next May, Tamby does not yet have a specific career goal, but he does have a message to share: “Anyone can do anything,” he said. Anything is possible.”