Alumna Strives to Excel at “Dream School”

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Alumni Profile

Posted 3-16-15

Alexa Morgan – Class of 2014
Associate in Science Degree, Business / Generalist
Graduated with High Honors

Current: University of Massachusetts, baccalaureate program

Phi Theta Kappa (past president)
 All-State Academic Team


Alexa Morgan

Alumna Says PCCC Gave Her The Foundation to Succeed

“Coming to PCCC was the best decision I ever made,” said Alexa Morgan, (14) who earned her A.S. degree in Business Administration with high honors.

Alexa Morgan on UMass Campus
Alexa enjoys time off on the UMass campus
with new friends.

Now pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business at the University of Massachusetts, Alexa says, “UMass is an extraordinary school, and I am receiving a top-notch education, but I would not be here without the foundation I received at PCCC.”

Initially, the West Milford resident chose to attend PCCC, because she did not feel ready to go away to college like most of her high school friends. “A community college seemed like a good transitional step,” she explained.

Cost was another factor. “I’m paying for my own education, and it just made sense to get started at PCCC, since it’s more affordable,” she explained.

While attending PCCC, Alexa held two part-time jobs to finance her education. “I worked on campus as a tutor in the Gateway Center and as a recreation assistant in a rehabilitation center near my home,” said the honor student.   

Once enrolled, Alexa discovered that PCCC was much more than she had anticipated. 
“The perception people have of community college was absolutely not true at PCCC,” she said. “The professors are wonderful, and I made some of my best friends here.”

She particularly values the one-on-one relationship she was able to form with her PCCC professors. “I don’t think I could have done it without them.” 

The diversity at PCCC also delighted her. “There were all types of people…all ages, backgrounds, everything,” she said.  “It was a really great experience.”

A thoughtful young woman with a strong work ethic, a love of learning, and a talent for leadership, Alexa served as president of  PhiTheta Kappa (PTK) honor society and represented the PCCC chapter at conventions in California and Florida. She was also named to PTK’s All-State Academic Team.

“My Phi Theta Kappa experience completely changed the way I looked at school and my academics,” said Alexa.  “Before PTK, I just wanted to get assignments done and do what I need to do, never fully doing things to my full potential. After I was fortunate to be accepted into such an incredible honor society, I began to strive for excellence and push others to do so as well.”

She added, “PTK and PCCC gave me the foundation I needed to excel in my academics and I have brought that drive with me to Massachusetts and continue to push myself to go above and beyond in my academics.”
Alexa realized her ambition to become an event planner in high school. As class president, she planned both the junior and senior proms.  “I loved every minute of it. Even the stress didn’t bother me,” she said.  “When I saw everyone having a good time and feeling uplifted, it was worth all the effort.”

She chose to attend UMass, her “dream school” because of the strong business/hospitality program there. Though she described her classes as “much harder and challenging,” Alexa said attending PCCC gave her the confidence and experience to meet that challenge and serving as president of  PTK prepared her for the competitive business industry.

“Through my leadership positions, I gained public speaking skills, organization, and most importantly people skills,” she said. “Running a chapter with many members can be quite challenging at times, so I was also fortunate enough to have a team behind me giving ideas and opinions.”

Starting college at PCCC seems to run in the Morgan family. Alexa’s older brother, Justin, graduated from PCCC, earned a journalism degree at Rutgers, and now works at a New York insurance firm. 

Her younger brother graduates from high school this year, and, she said, is thinking about starting at PCCC, too.  “Considering the cost of a college is all part of growing up, planning for the future, and learning to make good decisions,” said Alexa.

“College is expensive, but in the end it’s worth it,” she said. “Education is something you will always have, and it can’t be taken away from you.”