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Student  Spotlight
Ronimon Narcida


Starting the New Year with a New Job
Gained Through a PCCC Internship


Posted 1-8-18


Ron Narcida began 2018 with a great, new full-time job, and he didn’t even have to go job hunting for it. Ron was offered the position of Information Technology (IT) project coordinator for Gazelle Intense Solutions in Saddle Brook, after completing a PCCC internship with that company last November.

"Gazelle’s a good company, and I feel comfortable there,” said Ron, one of numerous students who landed a job offer through a PCCC internship.

A non-traditional student, Ron had already earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 1998 from Adamson University in Manila, Philippines, then worked in his native country as a programmer converting DOS documents into webpages. “Much of the work focused on measuring rainfall and vegetation levels, then converting the data,” he explained. “It was pretty intricate and hard.”

Coming to the United States in 2001, Ron faced employment obstacles. “It was shortly after 9-11, and no one was hiring for tech jobs,” he said. The Wanaque resident found work at a healthcare facility in nearby Bloomingdale and eventually became a nurse’s aide. “It’s different from what I did before, but it was a good job,” he said.

Ron continued to fix computers in his spare time and, a few years ago, decided to return to the technology field. But there was a catch. “Everything I learned in college was now obsolete,” he said.

Ron enrolled at PCCC to upgrade his skills, choosing the certificate program in Information Technology / Network Administration, because he wanted to work with hardware. He admits, though that he was nervous at first about the internship. “I wasn’t really a tech support guy,” he said, “and that’s what I had to do on the internship."

With encouragement from Professor Eric Cameron, the internship coordinator in PCCC’s Computer and Information Sciences Department, Ron embarked on the 10-week internship at Gazelle, where he was challenged with learning new software and finding solutions to daily technology problems.

I learned it’s important to ask questions when you don’t know something and be ready to grab any information that’s available to you,” said Ron. “After a few weeks, I gained the confidence to work on my own.”

He also impressed his employer enough to be offered a job. “I took the job part-time and worked at my nurse’s aide job until the end of December” explained Ron. On January 2, he officially became one of three full-time IT coordinators at Gazelle.

“Coming to PCCC really opened the door for me,” said the married father of three.  In fact, Ron is already telling his 9-year old twins – a boy and a girl - and his 3-year old son that they will go to PCCC one day, too.

It’s a great choice, he said. “The tuition is much less than at a private college, the classes and professors are good, and there are opportunities for the students who have the desire to go after them”

Ron also thinks IT is a smart career choice.  “Businesses need a lot of help,” he said. “Every day there’s something that needs tech support, so it’s a good field to get into.”

He offered one more piece of advice to future PCCC students: “If you have the chance to do an internship, do it. You just might get a job offer.”