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Spotlight on the Class of 2020


Makeda Jones

Associate in Applied Science Degree
in Nursing
Nurse Education Service Award

Her Goal is to be a Nurse Heroine 

Posted July 29, 2020 

When Makeda Jones was a young girl growing up in Jamaica, her love of nursing grew from watching her mother, an LPN (licensed practical nurse), care for her patients. Makeda was amazed by the impact her mother’s care had on each person and by the difference a dedicated nurse could make for another person through such care.

Today, Makeda is a graduate in the Class of 2020. She receives her AAS degree in Nursing and is also the recipient of the Nurse Education Service Award. Makeda was selected for that honor by the Nurse Education Faculty in recognition of  “her contributions to college, community, and her peers.”

“I am proud of the clinical experience, education, and knowledge I received while attending PCCC’s Nursing Education Program,” said Makeda. “I am honored to become one of the many alumni who have graduated from PCCC.”

The love for nursing that Makeda first felt as a child in Jamaica grew steadily when she immigrated to the US and had the opportunity to spend time with nursing home patients when accompanying her stepmother to work.

She considers herself fortunate to have had these experiences, since they led her to the profession where she knows she can make a difference, even if only in one person’s day at a time.

Makeda plans to transfer to the College of St.Elizabeth to earn her BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) while continuing to strengthen her skills working as an RN.

Her short-term goal is to become a medical-surgical travel nurse, traveling to various areas of the globe, learning new skills, and making a difference. “In the future, I aspire to be an advanced-practice nurse and continue with my education until I earn my highest degree in nursing,”said Makeda.

With this in mind, she plans to open her own medical practice one day in order to deliver holistic care throughout the healthcare spectrum. 

An admirer of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, a British-Jamaican nurse who brought aid to soldiers in the Crimean War, Makeda aims to "be a nurse ‘hero(ine)’and deliver a memorable impact in the nursing community.”