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New Nurses Honored in Pinning Ceremony


Posted February 1, 2018

Clad in white, with friends and family in the audience, 26 recent graduates of the Nursing Program were honored in the traditional pinning ceremony, held January 22 in the Paterson campus theater.

The new nurses are December 2017 graduates of PCCC and now possess the pin that symbolizes their entrance into the nursing profession, a long tradition in the field.

Share their achievement in these highlights of the ceremony and reception.

Congratulations to them all. 
Alexander M. Acuna
Evonna E. Banko
Sheiny Bonilla
Chevelle K. Carridice
Johanna Carvajal
Esther J. Figuereo
Carolina Gutierrez
Sandra Kolinsky
Olga Landkof
Amanda Lyman
Vaibhavi H. Mangalesharia
Jessica L. Manger
Juan C. Manjarrez
Anastasia M. McBurse
Samantha L. Kisijara Mills
Tamiko T. Miles
Rosana Moreira De Galeano
Eugene S. Osmak
Tania A. Perez
Jessica J. Pierre
Robinson I. Pintor
Valdine J. Previl
Hafsha R. Siddique
Vanessa Soto
Beata M. Wolska
Dileiny Zayas

Nursing Award Recipients

Olga Landkof
Olga Landkof
Academic Achievement
Sheiny A. Bonilla
Sheiny A. Bonilla
Professional Nursing
Beata Wolska
Beata Wolska
New Jersey League
for Nursing Award

Carolina Gutierrez
Carolina Gutierrez
Spirit of Nursing Award
Eugene S. Osmak
Eugene S. Osmak
Nurse Education Service Award