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CIS Internships: Hands On and Hands Together

Posted September 15, 2017

CIS Summer 2017 Internship Presenters:
(l to r) Nelson Martinez, Malak Greiss, Antone Rodriguez, and Faridun Saidov

Powerpoint, professionalism, and personality came together when four Computer Information Sciences (CIS) students recently took the podium to deliver a presentation about their summer internships.

“All interns are required to make a presentation when their internships end,” said Professor Eric Cameron, coordinator of the CIS internship program.

Through internships, students acquire real-world job experience, and sometimes even a job offer.
Through presentations, they gain perspective on their experience and develop their skills as presenters.

Held at intervals throughout the year, CIS internship presentations are open to the College community. Members of the audience are invited to complete an evaluation form, rating the clarity and content of each presentation.

The feedback, Professor Cameron said, is later shared with the student, who may work with CIS faculty to improve performance.

The 2017 summer interns worked at widely differing companies. Their presentations all focused on the tasks performed, challenges faced, and lessons learned from their experience.

Nelson Martinez (Major: Graphic Design) interned at pix-l graphx, a design agency in Lyndhurst, NJ.  
“My main project was to create a logo for hair design products,” said Nelson, who developed three logo designs for consideration and found that “trying to be creative in a short time frame was a challenge.” Nelson hopes to work in animation eventually.  “This experience widened my view of the field,” he said. “I realized it’s not just about what you make, but also about getting it out there.”   
Antone Rodriguez(Network Administration) served his internship at Greater Bergen Community Action, a non-profit organization in Hackensack that employs full-time two previous PCCC interns.  “One of my tasks was to troubleshoot a device driver,” said Antone, who enjoyed working in the non-profit environment and displayed aptitude for being creative with limited resources. “I searched online and found an option to download a driver without charge,” he said about one of his challenges.
Malak Greiss (Network Administration) worked in the IT department at PCCC, alongside alumni who had once been student interns themselves before transitioning into full-time employment at the College. Malak’s tasks included configuring the Cisco telephone system, setting up a virtual network, and troubleshooting error codes. “I learned there’s more than one way to fix a problem, and listening is more important than talking,” said Malak
Faridun Saidov (Network Administration)  interned at the Hawthorne Public School system, working at the town’s high school, the Board of Education building, and three elementary schools. “I never worked with Chromebooks before,” said Faridun who inventoried over 500 Chromebooks, restoring and configuring them. He also rewired network connections, updated MacBooks and ipads for children, and helped to install new phone systems. The challenges he faced included hard drive failures and dealing with defective cables.  “I learned if you don’t know something, just ask,” said Faridun.

One point all four presenters agreed on was the importance of collaboration in accomplishing the tasks at hand. Malak summed it up succinctly, “Teamwork makes the job easier.”

The Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) Department at PCCC maintains a vigorous internship program, partnering with over 25 companies and businesses in Passaic, Bergen, and Essex Counties.

Find out more about CIS internships and CIS programs at PCCC.