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Biz Breakfast Serves Up Big Success:

PCCC Hosts Popular Business Event for the First Time 


Posted October 26, 2017


Over 300 business-minded attendees turned out October 19 for the #Salem Biz Breakfast, a popular business information and networking event, hosted for the first time by PCCC and held at the College’s Wanaque Academic Center.

“These Breakfasts are a great resource for our business community, providing an outstanding networking opportunity and the chance to gain insights from some of the best in their fields,” said Dr. Steven Rose, president of PCCC.
Business leaders, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs, along with PCCC faculty members, students, and staff, met and mingled, viewed the newly expanded Wanaque campus, and visited displays by a variety of businesses. Among those at the event were Blue Rock Energy, Kearny Bank, Arctic Falls Coffee, Rt. 22 Toyota, Fellowship Home Loans, Valentine Beauty Supply and more.

Attendees enjoyed a gourmet breakfast by DR Catering of Union, NJ and a packed program kicked off by an on-site broadcast of AM970’s The Joe Piscopo show.

The presentation in the new black box theater included a viewing of the new PCCC television commercial, created in-house for Cablevision, as well as a promotion about New City Kids, a non-profit organization located in Paterson that strives to encourage at-risk youth to complete their education.

Emmy Award-winning commentator Dr. Steve Adubato offered tips from his new book Lessons in Leadership,  and also moderated the main event of the day, Great Leaders Break Through, a panel discussion featuring business leaders from diverse industries: Gary Goldberg, Founder and CEO of Gary Goldberg Financial Services; Isaac Rudansky, Founder and CEO of AdVenture Media; Phil Van Horne, President and CEO of BlueRock Energy and BlueRock Energy Solar; and author, professor, and political analyst Dr. Jeanne Zaino, Senior Consultant at AppliedTechonomics.

Describing their own business practices and lessons they’ve learned along the way, the featured panelists all seemed to agree that what’s often called a “breakthrough” is neither sudden nor unexpected, but the result of ongoing hard work and attentive leadership.

“I’m old school,” said Mr. Goldberg, when the discussion turned to use of social media in today’s business environment.  “I believe face-to-face interaction works better than anything else.”

Ms. Zaino added that solid relationships make a big difference. “Word of mouth is still very important,” she said, adding a word of caution. “Even with social media, you need a strategy and you need to hire a professional to manage your content and message.”

The panelists agreed that a common misconception held by some business leaders, especially those who rely heavily on social media, is that eventually the executives can take a back seat while their business continues on its own.
“No business ever runs itself,” said Mr. Rudansky. “You have to break through again and again,” he said.

Mr. Van Horne talked about the leadership lessons one can learn from taking on things not directly related to business. “I spent 20 years as a hockey referee,” he said, drawing laughter from the audience.

“In that position, I learned how to be in charge, and how to deal with having somebody get mad at me. That helped me later in my life.”

On the importance of learning to deal with rejection, Mr. Goldberg assured the audience, “You develop callouses and become stronger. You learn that there’s always going to be another opportunity.”

Stepping in with questions for the panelists, Dr. Adubato asked, “Do you ever feel you care more about what you’re doing than the people on your team?”

Ms. Zaino responded that this is not unusual among business leaders and advised, “You have to find your tribe, the people really enthusiastic about being part of your business, and invest in them.”

She added that for most people, feeling valued is what sustains their commitment to a particular team. “Especially millennials,” she said. “They seem to value being valued even more than they value money.”

The Biz Breakfast was sponsored by BlueRock Energy and hosted for the seventh time by Salem Media of New York, home of AM970The Answer and WMCA.