Academic Council: Student Life Committee

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Academic Council: Student Life Committee

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Student Life 
Updated July 2, 2019



·         two (2) tenured faculty elected at large:  Michael Walker:  Vacant 

·         two (2) elected from club advisors:  Marissa Cruise; John Robb

·         Faculty adviser to the Student Government Association:  Vacant

·         Director of Student Activities or designee:  Maria Marte

·      Associate Dean of Academic Affairs or Designee:  Donna Stankiewicz

·         One (1) counselor elected at large:  Vacant 

·         President of the student government organization or designee:  Vacant 

·         Two (2) students selected by the Chief Student Affairs Officer or designee:  Francisco Martinez and Michelle Ramos




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6/16/06; 9/29/07; 9/08; 7/2/19


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