Academic Council: Educational Technology Committee

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Educational Technology Committee

Update July 2, 2019

  • Nursing/Radiography/HIT:  Janice Rama
  • Business/CIS/Engineering/Graphic Design: Khloud Kourani
  • Math/Science:  Henriette Mozsolits
  • Humanities/Social Sciences/Human Services/ASL/Education:  TBA
  • English/Fine and Performing Arts: Mary Dajnak
  • ELS/Developmental English:  Vacant
  • three (3) faculty members at large who actively teach Distance Learning Courses: Ann Deblinger; Lisa DeLiberto; Michael Grinberg
  • Director of Distance Learning:  Randy Jenkins
  • Administrator in charge of the Learning Resource Center or designee:  Greg Fallon
  • Chief information technology officer or designee:  Robert Mondelli 
  • One (1) student member with experience in an online or ITV course, appointed by the Dean of Student Affairs. :  Leen Abaza, SGA Speaker

6/16/06; 9/08; 9/09;10/09; 7/2/19

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