Academic Council: Educational Technology Committee

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Academic Council: Educational Technology Committee


Educational Technology Committee

July 1, 2017



Five (5) faculty teaching distance courses, one from each of the following areas:

  • Health Science - Lisa DeLiberto
  • Business/CIS/Engineering - Ardra Vanessa Spector 
  • Math/Science -  Ann Deblinger
  • Humanities/Social Sciences/Human Services - Lisa Hines
  • English - Mark Tambone

Three (3) faculty members elected at large

  • Janice Rama
  • Henriette Mozsolits
  • Cheryl Morgan-Duncan

Chief Information Technology Officer or designee

  • Robert Mondelli

Administrator in Charge of the Learning Resource Center or designee.

  • Ken Karol

One additional member from the Instructional Technology area.

  • Chris Meuller

Director of Distance Learning

  • Randy Jenkins

Chief Academic Officer or designee

  • Greg Fallon

Coordinator of Instructional Technology.

  • Randy Jenkins

One (1) student member with experience in an online or ITV course, selected by the President of the Student Government.

  • Vacant

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