General Education Committee

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General Education Committee

Updated October 28, 2019

General Education Committee Files



  • Three (3) faculty covering Communication (English/Public Speaking): James Sanders; Alan Mitnick; Mark Tambone

  • Two (2) faculty covering Mathematics:  Daniela Kitanska; Fillmore Corpus

  • One (1) faculty covering Technology (CIS):  Eric Cameron

  • Two (2) faculty covering Social Science faculty:  Lonna Murphy; Kate Thurman

  • Four (4) faculty members covering Humanities: Martha Brozyna; Petar Drakulich; Oksana Bauer; John Fruncillo

  • Two (2) Science faculty members:  Henriette Mozsolits; Erica Foote

  • Chief Academic Officer or designee:  Jacqueline Kineavy

  • Coordinator of Assessment:  Jack Latona

  • Director of Distance Learning or designee:  Randy Jenkins

  • Director of Learning Resources or Designee:  Greg Fallon
















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