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Updated July 2, 2019

Academic Assessment Committee Files


Eight faculty members from the following areas:

  • Nursing/Radiography/HIT:  Cheryl Morgan-Duncan;
    Catherine Nelms (tie)
  • Business/CIS/Engineering/Graphic Design:  Khloud Kourani
  • Math/Science:  Erica Foote
  • Humanities/Social Sciences/Human Services/ASL/Education: 
    Anita Kumar
  • English/Fine and Performing Arts:  Vacant
  • ELS/Developmental English:  Kathleen Kelly
  • Two (2) faculty members at large: Kristina Fleming;
    John Paul Rodrigues
  • Chief Academic Officer or Designee: Jacqueline Kineavy
  • Coordinator of Assessment: Jack Latona




6/06;9/08; 9/09; 10/09; 8/10; 7/19


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