Academic Council: Academic Standards Committee

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Academic Council: Academic Standards Committee

Academic Standards

Updated June 4, 2018  

Eight (8) teaching faculty, one of whom shall teach in each of the following departments/areas:

  • Nursing/Radiography - Parsha Hobson
  • Business/CIS/Engineering/Graphic Design - Merille Siegel
  • Math/Science - Palma Benko
  • Humanities/Social Sciences/Human Services/ASL/Education -  Ed Mosley
  • English - Alan Mitnick
  • English Language Studies (ELS) - Agnes Drath
  • Two faculty members at large - Martin Baranowski; Janet Delaney


  • Vacant

Chief Academic Officer or Designee

  • Bassel Stassis

Chief Student Affairs/Development Officer or Designee

  • Sharon Goldstein

One Counselor or Student Development Specialist Elected at Large

  • Vacant

Student member appointed by the Dean of Students

  • Vacant

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