The Upward Bound - Program Services

Paterson Campus Park

Academic Assistance 
Based on an assessment of their academic needs, our students receive individual and/or group tutoring during the after school program.

Cultural & Community Enrichment Experience Activities

Community service projects, educational and/or cultural field trips, and guest speakers are part of the program. Activities include concerts, athletic events, theater experiences, out of state college tours and visits to other local college campuses.

Self-Identity & Motivation

Workshops, lectures and seminars are offered to address a variety of issues including, time management, goal setting, self-motivation, values clarification, and other relevant teen social problems. A life skills series, in addition to academic and personal counseling is also provided.

The Upward Bound

The staff works closely with families and high school counselors to identify and resolve problems that may also interfere with the successful academic performance of students.

Career Planning

Career counseling and college planning is an ongoing part of the programs. Career workshops provide a comprehensive view of various professions, and the preparation necessary for HSPA, PSAT and SAT testing, and are counseled in the college selection process.