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Our Philosophy
“Develop a passion for learning.  If you do, you will never cease to learn."   Anthony J. D’Angelo

At PCCC Child Development Center, we approach each child as an individual. By using this approach, we hope to establish feelings of trust and respect. Each child, no matter how young, realizes he is important and unique; this is the dawning of a healthy self concept. When a child feels happy and secure, he is ready to explore the world around him.

Through our curriculum, we encourage the children to explore their environment, recognizing the interplay between cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical growth; we promote the development of the whole child. Through loving interaction and dedication, our teachers strive to reach this goal. Each child is encouraged to get the most out of our program and from life itself. We emphasize a bright and cheery atmosphere. This makes it more exciting for a child as he begins to take every opportunity to approach and enjoy his first educational experience. Our priority is to build a foundation based upon a naturally developed love of learning.

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Our Mission
At Passaic County Community College, it is our mission to continue to offer programs of high quality Early Childhood Education with an emphasis on the family and community.  Our location on the College’s campus offers us an ideal opportunity to coordinate various community resources from the College as well as the local community for the purpose of enriching our environment.  It has been a priority to serve as a laboratory for the College’s education students.  The community-based philosophy has enabled us to provide a unique and diverse setting for our students, staff, college students, families, and community.

Our Goals
1. Reflect the values of the community that we serve
2. Provide a high quality early education experience for the children that we serve
3. Create an environment that promotes the development of social skills and a healthy self-concept for children.
4. Identify and meet the individual needs of children and families and provide a link to necessary resources.
5. Provide children with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in Kindergarten
6. Provide an environment that encourages and promotes family participation and involvement.
7. Serve as a lab school for Passaic County Community College

Who we serve

Paterson Residents
The Child Development Center currently operates two 3 year-old classrooms and three 4 year-old classrooms under State Mandated Preschool Program (formerly "Abbott") funding.  These classrooms hold a maximum of 15 children and are open to Paterson residents only. 

Non-Paterson Residents
Beginning in the 2006-2007 school year, the CDC has also added a new preschool classroom for 3 and 4 year-olds, open to the entire community. This classroom holds a maximum of 10 children.

PCCC Students
It is our intention to continue to offer to our Early Childhood Education student’s opportunities to participate in classroom observation, field experiences, as well as to implement lessons and activities. The Center also collaborates with College's Nursing Department and Human Services Department to provide a working lab for interns. 



Our program operates

Monday – Friday,  7 a.m.  – 5 p.m.

Please contact us for more information.


Paterson, NJ 07505

The Child Development Center is located in downtown Paterson on Broadway.  Our facility consists of two buildings that stand between the main entrance of Passaic County Community College and 126 Broadway and houses eight classrooms. 

Mailing Address
Passaic County Community College
Child Development Center
One College Blvd.
Paterson, NJ 07501