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44th Annual Commencement

Spotlight on Our

Alexa M. Pezzuti

Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts/Humanities

Awards and Honors

  • PCCC College Scholarship Award
  • Ashley N. Pezzuti

    Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts/Humanities

    Awards and Honors

  • Graduates with Honors
  • PCCC College Scholarship Award
  • Twin Sisters Graduate Together in PCCC’s 44th Commencement

    When Ashley and Alexa Pezzuti start the next step of their educational journey in September, it will be the first time the fraternal twins are not in the same school together. 
    “It will be an adjustment for both of us,” says Alexa. “It will be the first time we will be separate in different schools doing different things.”  

    The sisters, who live with their family in Totowa, are 2014 graduates of Passaic Valley High School in Little Falls. They started at PCCC together that Fall and both earned an Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Arts/Humanities on May 19 in PCCC’s 44th Commencement. 
    “We graduated high school together and that was a great accomplishment,” said Alexa, a few days before the commencement ceremony. “But to be graduating college is going to be an even greater experience. I’m proud of us,” she said.  Ashley agreed. “Graduating together is like graduating with my best friend. We’re on the right road to success.”
    Unsure of the career paths they wanted to pursue, the sisters chose to attend PCCC after high school and elected a liberal arts major to explore different possibilities and earn their general education credits. 
    Enthusiastic and upbeat, both young women are gracious and appreciative of their time at PCCC. 
    “I had a pleasurable experience attending PCCC,” said Ashley. “I encountered many kind people including classmates who also turned into friends.”
    Ashley’s favorite class was Nutrition with Professor Jan Corwin.  “He provided students with many of the necessary tools to succeed,” she said.  “Professor Corwin communicated with us as educated consumers and also interacted with students on a personal level, which is very important. I highly suggest taking this course!”

    Alexa agrees that PCCC was a great experience.  “All of my professors and counselors were very attentive, kind, and helpful. I also met a lot of new cool people,” she said.  Like her sister, Alexa enjoyed Professor Corwin’s Nutrition class, and also named as other favorites composition, philosophy, and theater as well as Professors Dorene Territo, Petar Drakulich, and Mark Phelan.
    “All of these professors were amazing and had great personalities,” Alexa said.  “They made class fun, and I learned a lot from them.  I thank them for all of their help throughout my semesters here at PCCC.”
    The twins also enjoyed attending the same classes together. “That was great, because I always knew someone in class,” Alexa said.   Ashley added, “When one of us forgot an assignment, the other one would be there as the reminder. We helped each other excel.”
    They also had what Ashley called “fun times in class watching the professors struggle to match the right name with the right face.”  The clue is in the hair: Ashley is the one with shorter, straight hair, while  Alexa has long, curly locks.
    It’s not surprising that twin sisters who enjoy such a close relationship should both be drawn to healthcare careers. “I plan to become a registered nurse or maternity nurse, because I love helping people and I love babies,” said Alexa. “I am also very sociable and like seeing and meeting new people every day.”

    Ashley will pursue studies in ultrasound and sonography, but offers a philosophical answer regarding her future. “My ultimate career goal would be to be happy with my career, plain and simple, but to also have passion in whatever I may choose to do,” she said. “Without passion, there is no point in pursuing something.”
    In September, Alexa takes the next step toward her future in a medical assistant program in Wayne. Ashley heads to a different institution for a two-year program that will lead to a bachelor’s degree in sonography. 
    Though their paths will diverge a bit, they are looking at the separation with characteristic optimism. “We’re excited to tell each other about our days when we get home,” said Alexa. “We’re excited for each other and hope for nothing but the best.”