Research and Reports


Links to IR Research Papers and Reports on the PCCC Portal  (Requires Login):

  • Fact Book
  • Quick Facts
  • Data and Reports
      Course History
      Grade Distribution
      Enrollment Reports
      Retention, Graduation and Transfer Rates of First-time Degree Seeking Students
  • Survey Research Results  
      Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)
      ESL Surveys 
      Entering Student Survey 
      Faces of the Future 
      Graduating Student Survey 
      Noel & Levitz SSI Inventory 
      Reading and Writing Lab Evaluation Survey 
      Survey to Assess PCCC Website 
      Writing Intensive Faculty Survey 
      Writing Intensive Student Survey 
  • Special Reports  
      CWE Analysis 
      E-grade Analysis 
      ENW 107 Tracking 
      ENW 107 Analysis 
      Excerpt from Blueprint for Excellence 
      IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2013 
      Measuring Up 2006 
      NCES projections to 2014 
      On-line vs. Traditional Settings Study 
           On-line analysis
           On-line study charts
      T5 Activity II (tracking Cohorts)