Institutional Research and Planning

Goals and Practices

  • Provide accurate and timely information to internal and external constituencies as requested.
  • Be a resource of expertise in research, assessment and planning (including methodology, analysis, interpretation and communication of information)
  • Conduct or co-ordinate appropriate and necessary studies and analyses that contribute to student learning and goal achievement, as well as enhance understanding of the programs and community needs.
  • Represent the office (OIRP) and PCCC on statewide and other committees or groups when necessary.
  • Continually review and upgrade skills, knowledge and processes, and use appropriate technology and methodology to enhance the services provided by OIRP.
  • Conduct statistical analyses (both descriptive and inferential) of available College data on enrollment, degrees, grades, retention and graduation, instruction, employees, and survey results.
  • Conduct survey research involving entering students, currently enrolled students, graduating students, non-returning students, alumni, faculty and staff.
  • Conduct environmental scans to provide contextual information for planning purposes.
  • Manage data by creating and maintaining a data warehouse containing longitudinal information on enrolled students, alumni, academic programs, instruction, and personnel
  • Maintain a web site to disseminate reports and other information.
  • Coordinate external reporting of institutional statistics to state and federal agencies, accrediting agencies, non-profit associations, and other organizations.
  • Prepare descriptive and analytical reports for use by campus policy-makers and policy-making bodies (e.g., the Fact Book).